Pony Sweat Aerobics
Retro stylized aerobics for the people nostalgic about the 80s!

Pony Sweat Aerobics Pony Sweat Aerobics Pony Sweat Aerobics Pony Sweat Aerobics Pony Sweat Aerobics Pony Sweat Aerobics

Pony Sweat Aerobics is a dance aerobics studio. This is a rather unusual direction in the modern world of such strict fitness. Although the format is quite old. It was popular in the 80s and was also a little stricter. In the same studio, they offer to move away from perfectionism and do dance aerobics without trying to do everything perfectly.

There are lessons of various lengths. Usually these are monthly programs, where one choreography is studied for a month. There are also 30 minute sessions. Where you can dance. They already composed their music from the past months and the choreography is not that complicated.

The studio itself is located in LA and you can get to offline lessons. You can join a live stream lesson or rent a video for 3 days.

The website also lists the studio’s social media. There is Instagram, YouTube and Spotify is listed for listening to music from classes.

The studio has a merch store. There you can find T-shirts, T-shirts, bags and stickers with the logo and phrases from the studio.

The cost of renting a video is $6.5. You can join a live stream class for $8-25.

You can purchase 5 lessons at once at two different prices – $42 and $63. The first package is recommended by the studio. The second package is for studio support.

No, this is not a different level of access for a different price and not different lessons. It’s studio policy. Those wishing to join the lesson must pay from 8 to 25$. This is done so that everyone can join the class.

So when you click the “Come Dance with Us” button, we get to the page with the classes. And then there is the description of the classes. Face-to-face 1:1 classes are held in LA, and we are interested in live stream classes.

There is a section At Home. And it’s dedicated to video rentals and class descriptions.

But there is another interesting thing here. This is an online dance aerobics magazine.

We say that we want to know more and press the appropriate button.

Actually they call it a video magazine. In fact, this is a subscription to all videos. And there are two different subscription levels.

$29 per month. Access to all available content, 2 new videos per month + everything available in the mini-magazine.

$7.50 per month. Mini-magazine. This includes one 30-minute workout, a newsletter from a trainer, the ability to register and attend exclusive events and content from the studio.

This is a very strange and interesting studio with an unusual direction in sports. For everyone who is looking for something new or wants to have fun and exercise at the same time.



Absolutely L O V E their style!!!! Freakin awesome and cool, the merch shop offers a goddamn ton of goods, and they are so tolerant to all people and support people of color and LGBT!!! L O V E them!!!

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