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Psycle is an energetic studio for fitness online  or in the gym if you live in London. The philosophy of this studio is energy. They chose the energetic directions of barre, cycling and strength training. They have yoga, but it is also very energetic.

On the website of the studio you can buy everything you need for training. They sell bikes, barre kits, gear, and you can buy gift cards.

The studio conducts classes in the direction only offline or as on demand lessons.

The studio has a training program called Psycle 48. These are online workouts that are released daily and are deleted 48 hours after publication. There are many different directions. Every day there is a new workout and it can be in a different style.

psycle online fitness

A subscription to this studio costs £29 per month (39.5 dollars), or £240 per year (327 dollars). The studio also has 14 days of free trial.

psycle online fitness free trial

To register and start the free period, you need to select Psycle at Home in the head of the site and click Get Started in it. There is a registration form at the bottom of this page.

Then you need to choose your subscription plan.

psycle online fitness book class

After registering and entering payment data, the site transfers to your personal account.

You can click on the buttons inside the blocks and go to the libraries to view.

The site provides an opportunity to sign up for training. But this recording is only for offline training in studios located in London. Therefore, for those who do not live in London, only the library is suitable.

And in the library there is a large number of workouts and many filters for selecting a workout.

This is what the video page looks like. Below is a description of the workout, intensity, duration and equipment needed.

psycle online fitness on demand workouts

Psycle is a dynamic studio with an interesting website design which will definitely not leave anyone into online fitness indifferent. But in general, this is a great option for lovers of the 4 types of training presented.

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