Pure Barre
Barre online classess, workouts are based on the elements of pilates, yoga and ballet, also offline studios in the USA

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Tired of regular training? Want something more? Searching for a studio which combines the elements of yoga, pilates and ballet? Wanna try more static training? Well, if you’ve answered “yes” at least on one of the questions, you may like Pure Barre and their online fitness. As the creators of the program say, it’s based on low-intensity moves and high-intensity load. Pure Barre will fit for any gender or age, but in my opinion it’s more popular among the women.

79$ – 4 lessons;
139$ – 8 lessons;
179$ – unlimited lessons for a month;
139$ – 8 lessons + 12 free lessons for the first month.

barre online fitness prices

There are also the next offer:
1 lesson – 25$;
10 lessons – 240$ (3 месяца на то, чтобы потратить занятия);
20 lessons – 400$ (6 месяцев на то, чтобы потратить занятия).

If you want to register, you may click on the “sign in ” button (it’s a form to enter into an already existing account, but here’s also the form to register) or on “free barre class” button. Those two buttons will lead you to two different forms for registration, kinda weird.

Registration form if you’ve clicked on “sign in”.

barre online fitness free

Registration form if you’ve clicked on “free barre class”.

The main difference is mostly in the password: in the first case you create it already, in the second case you’ll first get the registration link on your email. Not a big deal, but…

And yes, I must say that Pure Barre is mostly about offline training if you live in the USA. If you live somewhere else or just don’t want to go to the gym, every day you can watch one live-stream.

To participate in the live stream you must choose the studio and contact them to get the access.

If you want to train offline, you need to check the list of the studios and find the one near you. There are plenty of them but as I’ve mentioned before in the United States only.

Each studio has its own trainers, so if you want to book an online class you may choose the lessons with the trainer you like the most. Unfortunately you can’t read any info about them on the site, only explore more on the first practice.

Studio also has its own app. The feature I liked is a dashboard, where you can track all the info about your training process. You can also connect the smart watch or bracelet.



You can also buy gift cards for any of the studios. There are two types of them:
Digital (from 10 to 1000$)
Plastic (with any amount of money on it)

You can send the digital card on the email or on the account. You can also set the sending on the specific day. Plastic card will be delivered in 5-6 days.

Overall I really like Pure Barre and their method of online fitness. It fits for people into yoga, it fits for people into pilates, it fits for people into ballet. And of course for people who don’t like to move too much.

The website looks really pretty, it’s easy to browse it. There’s also an app with identical functionality. For me the app was a lil’bit too comfortable honestly.


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