Salt Drop
Aerobic workouts at home. Weight loss exercises. Many activities for men. Also can buy the video by the piece

Salt Drop Salt Drop Salt Drop Salt Drop Salt Drop Salt Drop

Salt Drop is a service for online training, which offers crossfit, barre and fitness. It fits both male and female users. The core of Salt Drop is a catalog of on demand lessons. The service offers 7-days free trial, so you may look at it and decide if you want to continue or not.

Salt Drop Online Fitness prices

If you like Salt Drop and want to train, you may pay for a month (65 dollars) or for a whole year (650 dollars), but there are also different options in buying a subscription for a period from 2 to 9 months. Anyway, you’ll get access to the whole library of lessons.

Salt Drop Online Fitness classes

To start your trial you need to register and bind your card, that process is quite usual. After the registration you may watch on demand lessons and train.

In the process of registration you wouldn’t meet any questions about your experience/weight/height/whatever, you just start to train. For some users it may be a positive side, but for me it’s quite strange, as a good test before the beginning of lessons often helps algorithms choose the best lessons for you.

The site works fast, it also has versions in five different languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

The thing I’ve disliked is the color scheme, for my taste it’s too dark, the design is quite minimalistic. Also the schedule is located on the main page, it may be useful for your time management.

Salt Drop Online Fitness on demand

The quality of the videos is nice, but for me the lessons lack some additional stuff, you just watch and repeat… Kinda boring. Honestly Salt Drop doesn’t offer too much, there’s no feed, no live streams, no community…

Salt Drop Online Fitness advices

And also, about the app… What can I say about the app? Nothing, honestly as there’s no app. A big flaw, yeah.

You may think that I only criticize Salt Drop, but honestly the online fitness service isn’t bad, just kinda boring. Overall it’s a good place if you’re looking for on demand lessons, so try at least the free trial!




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