Skill Yoga
Functional yoga for athletic people

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Skill Yoga is an app for yoga workouts at home. The target audience is athletic people who also like yoga. You may specify your target and track all your progress, for it Skill Yoga uses surveys after every workout.

There is a library of on demand lessons, recorded by yoga teachers. You can also create your own workout plan from those videos.

There are also live stream courses for 30 days, which need to be paid separately.

If  you have some troubles with exercise, you can photograph yourself or connect your webcam, so AI can analyze it and give you recommendations.

There’s the Skill Yoga account on Instagram, you may find the info about teachers and other students.

Skill Yoga even has its own blog about fitness.

Subscription costs 19.99$ per month or 87.99$ per year, you’ll also get 7-days free trial.

The Live Stream course for 30 days costs 120 euro.

Before the registration you need to complete a little survey about your targets and skills you want to develop.

As the app is targeted on athletic people you need also specify your main sport.

After that the app recommends us our first program of training for 12 weeks.

Well, that’s how the training looks at the sitе.
There’s also a library where you can choose some other video workout.

Oh, yeah. There are also some free workouts.

You can control your subscription on the site.

The app is really good and I can recommend it for athletes who want to have some additional workout.


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