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Only a yoga service with many teachers. 8 styles of yoga classes, retreats, shop

Sky Ting Sky Ting Sky Ting Sky Ting Sky Ting

Sky Ting offers live-stream and on demand online yoga lessons for women. There are also some other opportunities to train like challenges, retreats, and courses. Also Sky Ting has its own shop with clothes, cosmetics, shopping bags, candles and so on.

yoga online on demand sky ting

You’ll get the 7 days trial, but as always you need to bind your credit card and choose the plan before it. Of course you can cancel your subscription before the end of the trial.

Sky Ting offers different plans, for example the beginner can pay 17 dollars for a class and then buy the pack of lessons. If you’ve liked it, you may pay 220 dollars/month for the unlimited monthly membership.

yoga online on demand price

There’s a schedule of live stream lessons, so you need to reserve a spot before joining. All streams are in zoom.

yoga online on demand live stream

There’s not only live stream sessions, but also a library of on demand online yoga lessons. Videos are playing smoothly and without any problems, the quality is always good, The streams are playing through the service’s own video player. But unfortunately there’s no subtitles (it may cause problems for some people) and also you can’t get various interesting information (how many calories you’ve burned, how many people are watching this video together with you and so on).

You can also participate in different challenges which is always a big fun.

yoga online on demand for women

Unfortunately there’s no app, I think it’s a shame! Of course you can always use the mobile version, but in my opinion for live-stream service the app is necessary! Especially if you pay 220 bucks a month, hah. But even with that downside Sky Ting is a strong and good service. I can recommend it  for women into yoga which like to have not only their regular videos or streams, but also more interesting opportunities like challegnes.

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