Studio Bloom
Workouts for pregnant, also includes fitness classess for post-natal period

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Studio Bloom – is a fitness studio for women only and for pregnant women especially, so you can get prenatal classes here. The special programs of training for women on different periods of pregnancy are realized here. The special postnatal programs are also included. If you want to prepare for the future pregnancy here’s also some lessons for you..

As many women in the modern world are quite busy, the lessons aren’t too long, they last from 7 to 30 minutes.

If you want to become a trainer, Studio Bloom can also offer you a program to become a professional.

prenatal fitness for women

3 types of subscription are available:
For a month – 29$;
For a quarter – 74$;
For a year – 240$.

prenatal fitness prices for women

The registration form also includes some questions about the pregnancy, the childbirth and your targets. It helps in choosing the program for you.

After that you need to bind your credit card and then you’ll be redirected to the catalog, where all the courses are available.

prenatal fitness rehab trimester

In the head of the site you may choose the direction you like and then look at the list of lessons. Also here’s so -called dashboard which is actually your profile, where you can set your data and subscription.

The system of choosing the video is quite original, when you’ve clicked on the direction you would be taken to the page with the collections of videos, which are divided by targets and the groups of muscles.

If you click on one of the collections you’ll be redirected to the page with videos, the 1st one starts to play automatically. You may choose whatever video you want, also the collection can be added in your bookmarks.

prenatal fitness on demand classess

Under the video you can find the short description and the list of related lessons.

Well, I think that Studio Bloom is a perfect service for prenatal or postnatal fitness. The site looks cool, all lessons are really targeted at women. If you want, you can also join the service’s group on Facebook to communicate with other users.

Ah, there’s also an app and an opportunity to watch the lessons on Smart TV.

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