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Studio Sweat is an online fitness training studio. This studio has implemented many different areas: a variety of strength training, Pilates, spinning, barre, bootcamp, body sculpting, cardio, yoga, stretching, TRX.

Lessons are conducted in the on demand and live stream formats.

Studio Sweat online fitness

The main programs of the studio are programs for fat burning and body modeling. And in addition there are virtual coaching programs for fitness and nutrition.

Studio Sweat online fitness on demand

The studio has its own store where you can find all the necessary equipment for all types of training presented on the site and the studio’s merch. For their members, they provided a separate section with discounts and special offers in the store.

Studio Sweat online fitness for men

The studio maintains a group on Facebook and invites its members to communicate and share experiences within the community to keep them motivated.

Moreover, they have an application for smartphones. In which the function of viewing the pulse of other participants is implemented to compare with your own.

The function of evaluating video lessons is also implemented. So that participants can choose the lesson they need according to the assessment of students who have already passed it.

The studio offers a free trial period of 7 days and 3 types of subscription:
month – $19.88;
half a year – $99.28;
year – $188.56.

Additionally, there are 2 subscription extensions.
Premium Membership for $5 per month.

Studio Sweat online fitness for women
This extension provides several benefits:
personal training plan;
nutrition advice;
early access to new workouts;
the ability to download training records;
weekly motivational letters:
10% discount on the entire range of the studio store.

Choice Partner Content for $4.99. The same extension provides access to additional content from the studio’s partner – World-Class Choice. And it includes 3 additional features:
a number of world-famous trainings in the directions of the studio;
virtual impressions – suitable for exercising on an exercise bike in front of a screen on which the user turns on a video of a park or place and “rides” it.

To register on the site, open the Shop tab, and select Unlimited Class Plans in it. On this page, you can immediately register your plan or choose a free trial period.

I chose a free period for registration and immediately left the form for filling in personal data and password along with reCaptcha.

And after filling out the form, I noticed that at the bottom there is the possibility of registering through Google or Facebook.

By the way, unlike so many other studios, this studio does not ask you to enter payment data immediately to complete the trial period. But she reminds that we have a free period. And if we want to get full access to everything, we need to subscribe.

After filling out the form, you will receive an email to confirm your address. It will be most convenient to just go to the mail, confirm your address by clicking the button in the letter. Because this button will immediately transfer to the start page of a new member of the studio.

So, here’s what that page looks like.

Next comes a few steps for newcomers to the studio. First, we are offered to watch a video presentation about the studio itself.Then a small block with a reminder that the studio has a mobile application for Android, iOS and much more, just paste a screenshot here.

After that, we are immediately offered to sweat a lil’ bit and start training. But there is something more interesting. Another video for those who don’t like or don’t like the 6 workouts offered in their personal account. Namely, a video about how in this studio you can find your workout or your plan.

And then we are offered to join the studio community, find friends. or join live stream classes. And below is about the function of tracking the pulse of other students. This is all described briefly and a button is attached to go to a page with more detailed information about each offer.

Studio Sweat also offer to laugh and not be shy, before you start your online fitness. And rather already take your body into your own hands.

Let’s move on to training. I chose yoga.

Above the video you will see a block with the main directions of the studio and you can choose any. And go to the page with lessons in this chosen direction.

And in this lesson you can notice that it is 2019. But that’s because I’m on a free subscription. I took the first class that came along.

Also here is the coach, sport, duration. They also have an interesting assessment of the lesson on the sweat scale. And an explanation of the meaning of drops.
And under the video you can find a description of the lesson and the necessary equipment.

Well, we realized that this studio is distinguished by the sale of its merchandise and equipment and classic workouts. The main task of the studio is to make their students sweat. And for what purposes everyone decides for himself.

The site is downright classic, a little outdated in some places, but still good. And in general, it is impossible to say anything bad about the site or the application to it.

For those who love company and are looking for new fitness friends, this studio is the best option. They put a lot of emphasis on their community and supporting each other.

If your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, Studio Sweat online is the place for your fitness.


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