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Tempo Fit stands out among other services we’ve reviewed. It’s not a website, not an app, not an offline studio. It’s a system based on modern technologies which allows you to create your own home studio, so you may train with maximum effectiveness. Here we have fitness, yoga, box, cardio training, HIIT and many others directions.

Tempo Fit was noticed by some famous media like Forbes, Rolling Stone, The Verge, PopSugar, TechCrunch, New York and some others.

Well, what is Tempo Fit? It’s a small studio inside a little box with a screen, on which you can see on demand classes or live stream sessions. All training are are held by professional sportsmen, from Tempo Fit’s website you can learn more about some of them.

Of course you may ask, why do you even need to buy some device when you can easily watch classes on your smartphone or PC? Well, actually you can’t. Because Tempo Fit doesn’t offer you regulard videos, you’ll get the access to the training based on 3D Vision technology.  

3D Vision is quite useful for training. It tracks your movements by scanning the main points on your body and gives you advice about the right moves. For 3D Vision technology Tempo Fit home studio has a separate camera which scans your body.

Well, it’s almost like a private session with a human trainer, but if you want to train for a while it would be much cheaper than booking private sessions in Zoom. Besides that, it’s always interesting to explore some new technologies, isn’t it? Also the program can analyze your training and create individual programs for your needs.

There are 3 types of packages you can get with your Tempo Fit studio, the main difference is the amount of items.
• Standard. It’s an option for beginners or for people who just want to stay in form. It costs, 2,495$.
• Plus. An option for professional sportsmen and for people who want to get more from their training, you’ll get more equipment and harder classes. It costs 3,245$.
• Pro. A good variant if you want to gain muscles. Here you’ll also find special equipment for training with heavy weight. It costs 3,995$.

Talking about equipment, there is plenty of stuff in different packages: rod, fitness carpet, exercise machines for squat and many other interesting things.

If you don’t want to spend a big amount of money, you may pay notice to Tempo Move studio. You wouldn’t get the 3D vision option, it’s like a Plus-studio, but you need TV and smartphone only, you will also get a closet for your inventory. Tempo Move studio can be bought for 395$.

You’ll also get a 3-year guarantee and an opportunity to get your money back in 30 days.

You also need to pay 39$ per month for the subscription, you’ll get the unlimited access to all the videos on the platform. You may bind up to 6 accounts to one studio/one subscription.

If you live in the United States and want to check Tempo Fit before buying, you can track the places where you can test it on the site. There are more than 100 demonstration places in the United States.

Also on the site you can find a page with a couple of training examples, you can also watch some short classes.

Well, you have some money, you need personalization, you are a die-hard hi-tech fan and you’re searching for something new? Well, in that case Tempo Fit is an ideal studio for you.




pros? Hi tech training at home! Wow! It’s interesting to see such technology. contras? 2495 bucks is too much…

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