Tempo Pilates
A new view on pilates: train and listen to the music.

Tempo Pilates Tempo Pilates Tempo Pilates Tempo Pilates

Tempo Pilates is an online and offline studio based in London that provides two types of training.

The main direction of training here is Pilates. But not simple. A team of trainers developed their Pilates training methods and called it Tempo Pilates (TP). They also call it Reform Pilates. This is a comprehensive Pilates method with music. The pace of training allows you to produce smooth, precise and controlled movements in training for maximum results.

Another type of HIIT training. These are cardio workouts that alternate between high-intensity exercise and rest/low-intensity exercise. Running is not used here, instead for cardio exercises there is air cycling, spinning, rowing.

In addition, the studio offers massage services. You can sign up for them through the website. And pay there. And there is personal training. To get on them you need to contact the studio.

You can join the community of studio members. The site has links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

The main classes are held in 4 studios in London. But online training is also open. They are being streamed live via Zoom. The number of participants in the training is limited and you can sign up for them through the website.

The cost of one online training is £8. It can be bought and spent within 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

More classes can be paid for and booked, but there is no online purchase of several classes at once.

Click on the Read More button and go to a page with a short description of online classes. There is also a button for recording and it is indicated that the link to the lesson comes 10 minutes before the start.

The button for recording takes us to the page with the schedule. And you can see that there are still few online trainings. But we need to look at the next weeks.

The website of the studio is very beautiful and interesting training program. So far, only a little frustrating is the design of the page for booking classes. But this is not so important for those who want to try a new Pilates program.


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