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The Class The Class The Class The Class The Class

The class digital studio is an online workout service for women who like fitness, dance and yoga.

The Class Online fitness workout for women

There’s a free trial for two weeks, then you need to pay for a month (40 dollars) or for a year (400 dollars), there’s also an opportunity to pay for a custom amount of months (from 2 to 9), after that you may watch on demand lessons and train.

After the registration you don’t need to complete any tests or fill in some forms, you may already start to watch on demand lessons or wait for the nearest live stream.

The Class Online fitness workout price

Design is a lil’ too dark, but it doesn’t look grim at all. The interface is made very well, the navigation works fine, pages load fast.

As many other services Digital Studio also has its own web shop. Mobile version works without any problems too.

Well, what about the videos? They are filmed quite well. For live streams there’s a schedule, so it would be easy to plan your training.

Unfortunately, there’s no extra options which may attract some attention, like the meter of calories for example.

The Class Online fitness workout on demand lessons

You can filter the videos by trainer, length and schedule. But honestly there’s not many interesting things, no challenges, no special programs, no bonuses (for example for inviting a friend), you can just watch videos.

Also, I was kinda surprised that there’s no app. Seems like today having an app for your fitness services is more or less standard, so I don’t know why I need to use the mobile version of the site in this case… Anyway, for many people it may not be a big deal, so check The Class Digital Studio if you’re searching for fitness workout online.


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