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Fun and useful exercises on the trampoline

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the ness is an online and offline workout studio that offers only 2 types of interesting workouts: exercises on the trampoline and sculpting. The first type of training offers intensive cardio in a new format – trampolining. And the second offers to do fitness on a rug with different sports equipment and sculpt your body.

On the site itself, you can buy studio merch and the trampoline itself. They have a shop section that only has these two categories of products.

The studio has an Instagram account for communication with the community and the studio itself. Users are invited to comment on the video to share experiences or other communication.

the ness online workout video

The studio implements 3 training formats: offline (in studio), live stream and on demand. To sign up for a workout in a studio or a live stream, go to the live schedule section.

Prices for live stream training:
1 lesson – $16;
2 lessons – $25;
5 lessons – $75;
10 lessons – $140.

Prices for offline training:
1 lesson – $40;
2 lessons – $60;
5 lessons – $190;
10 lessons – $360.

You can also book a private class.

These are 1:1 personal training with a trainer and a personal consultation. Recommended for those who are not yet familiar with fitness in general, and those who return to training after injuries. The price on the site is not indicated, it only says “Pay a little more to get personal training.”

The price for a monthly studio subscription is $39.99. For a year – $360.

Subscription and access to training on demand. This type of subscription also includes a 20-minute consultation with studio trainers. In order to start exercising, you need to go to the “On demand” section. The studio offers a free 7-day trial.

Click on the button to get a trial subscription and get to such a page. You need to click on the black button at the top to proceed to registration.

the ness online workout fitness classes

And finally, the registration page and the choice of the subscription period.

After that, we get to the home page of our account, where all the features of our subscription and recommendations are described. And you can immediately book a consultation.

the ness online workout fitness

And below is a gallery of videos and programs of the user’s choice. This page mixes workouts with and without a trampoline.

Select any video and go to it. Under the video, inventory, muscle groups and level are indicated.

the ness online workout on demand

This is a very good studio with a new direction. Perfect for those who want to update their workouts.

The site itself is nice, concise and interesting. The ness also has its own application for online workout in the AppStore and PlayMarket.

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