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Create a long, lean, storng body while having fun

The Sculpt Society The Sculpt Society The Sculpt Society The Sculpt Society The Sculpt Society The Sculpt Society The Sculpt Society The Sculpt Society

Sculpt Society is an online workout program created by Megan Rope. There are tons of workout videos from dance cardio to Pilates-style workouts with a wide range of durations and intensities. There are over 400+ videos in the workout video library, including yoga and meditation. The service can be used on any platform convenient for the client: iOS or android, Web, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.

In addition to various types of training, the site also provides a “Shop” tab, which has several sections:
“The Sculpt Society” stuff
Shop on Megan Rope’s Instagram
Amazon store

In the “Events” tab, you can choose group or individual lessons. The site also features customer reviews and Megan Rope’s blog with articles on various current sports (and not only) topics.

In addition to previously uploaded video workouts, The Sculpt Society hosts several online classes per week. Also on the site and in the application are various programs:
Prenatal and postnatal program
Beginner Program
Accelerated Program
Slow + controlled program

In the application and on the site there is an opportunity to issue a free 7-day trial version of the subscription, after which there will be 2 options for subscribing:
Annual subscription – $179.99 per year
Monthly subscription – $19.99 per month

sculpt society workout online fitness prices

So, to start training you need to create your account, the process of registration at the Sculpt Society is quite basic and standard.

sculpt society workout on demand

The main page of Sculpt Society website loaded quickly, from it you can go to any section of the site, since all the necessary information about online worout, namely, the tabs “Shop”, “Workout Programs”, “Megan Rope’s Blog”, “Events”, “Reviews” and “Registration” presented on the main page of the site.

Blue, white and dark blue colors were chosen for the design of the site. The site is easy to use, but in some places the font of the text is small and inconvenient to read. A video on the home page can distract from reading important information, and the lack of an option to pause the video may not appeal to customers visiting the site.

The site provides an opportunity to subscribe to the mailing list, legal information, technical support contacts for the mobile application, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Video workouts are stored in the library, they can be viewed an unlimited number of times at a convenient time for the client in the mobile application. There are several categories in the mobile app:
Beginners Program: Starting Here
Weekly guide
Most Popular Video Exercises
Programs + calendars
Live streams of workouts that are saved until the release of the next new live streams
New Video Workouts of the Week
Accelerated Programs
prenatal programs
Postpartum programs
Lower Body + Posture Programs (Post Pregnancy Recovery)
Accompanied meditation
“Hidden gems”

sculpt society workout meditation online sculpt society workout online for women

As for the app, I’ve liked it. The design of the application is made in a modern style, the site is simple and easy to use. There are 4 tabs in total:
Tab with categories of video workouts
Tab to find your preferred workout
Library for viewing saved video lessons offline, and added video lessons online.
Profile with personal information about the client, settings and technical support contacts.

The mobile application and video workouts in it load quickly, nothing hangs. The application is also convenient in that, if necessary, you can change accounts (log in and out of a specific account). And there is nothing superfluous in the application (the potential client is not distracted by anything – only 4 tabs).




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