The Studio MDR
Regular fitness online and Megaformer training offline in the USA

The Studio MDR The Studio MDR The Studio MDR The Studio MDR The Studio MDR

The Studio MDR is a studio for a new approach to fitness. Studio workouts combine Pilates, cardio and weight training. In the studios, classes are held on the Megaformer simulator. According to the description on the site, this is a new simulator that is superior to conventional reformers. Its difference is in greater functionality and convenience.

The studio has several main programs:
complex for tightened buttocks and torso with 45 minutes of exercises that use high-intensity exercises with low-intensity amplitude;
course for beginners, short, teaching basic exercises on the simulator;
course of exercises for the whole body;
full body program + mindfulness meditation;
promotional full body course sponsored by Apres;
a full body course sponsored by Splits59, only here you can still win an outfit from Splits59;
a separate program that will allow you to relax your legs from lunges and a serious load is HIIT training.

Classes are held online and offline in 4 studios in the USA: Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Playa Vista.

But all these exercises are applicable if you have their reformer. But in courses for home, which are in live stream and on demand formats, this is fitness, something similar to barre. This is also a workout that combines Pilates, regular fitness, cardio and weight training. Without a reformer, but still adjusted to the methodology of offline courses.

More than one publication managed to write about this studio with a new approach to fitness. Far from one. Here is a screenshot of the publications, and for those who want to read the articles in these magazines, there is a page on the site.

The studio has its own Facebook group, Instagram account, YouTube channel, and Yelp review page. All links in the foot of the site.

The site also has a blog page. There you can find different stories of clients and studio events.

And one more page, which can not be found in every studio. This is a page with transformations of studio clients. There are many different examples of body changes in the studio here.

Finally, to prices. So one online lesson in live stream format costs $20. A monthly subscription to the studio costs $39.99. A monthly subscription gives you access to online classes and videos on demand.

Live stream classes can be found on the schedule page. And classes on demand on the page (MDR) Virtual.

This studio is very interesting for offline classes thanks to its simulators and special programs. Online, of course, they also picked up a separate program to compensate for the lack of simulators from online clients. But it’s not much different from other studios.

And, no, I didn’t forget about the studio store, where you can order this simulator for yourself. It’s just not on the site. But I guess it’s because of the exclusivity of the training. After all, if they start selling it, everyone will have it. And so this is an unusual workout on an unusual simulator.

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