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The Underbelly is wellness with you at the core

The Underbelly The Underbelly The Underbelly The Underbelly The Underbelly The Underbelly The Underbelly The Underbelly

The Underbelly is an inclusive yoga studio. This is a very bright studio that welcomes everyone. There are no strict rules, except for one – listen to your body. This studio supports body positivity and all people in general.

The studio’s website states that their goal is to make society healthier. And achieve health in all 4 major areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And the vision of the studio is that they want to create a host community for everyone who has ever felt deprived of attention, support and love.

All in all, a welcoming, supportive and very bright studio for everyone.

Classes are held in the on demand format.

inclusive yoga studio

In addition to being featured in publications such as The New York Times, NBC, New York, Shape, Goop, Well+Good, Yoga Journal, Self, and Teen Vogue, the studio’s founder, Jessamyn Stanley, writes for Marie Claire, Forbes, Cosmopolitan and others.

The studio has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Links to them are in the footer of the site. And there are studio apps for Android and iOS.

They also have their own shop with merchandise, books, yoga supplies, candles and more.

inclusive yoga studio online

The studio offers a 2 week free trial period. And after $9 per month and $84 per year.

We proceed to registration. To do this, the site has two buttons: Sign Up and Start Free Trial. We are prompted to immediately select a subscription and fill in payment information.

inclusive yoga studio free

After we get to the gallery with the video. Here are all the video studios, divided by program.

Unfortunately, there is no video filtering on the site. There is a gallery with many programs. You can look there suitable for yourself. And there is a keyword search.

inclusive yoga studio on demand classes

When you hover your mouse over a video, a description of it appears. In some cases, as in the screenshot above in the Elemental section, this is not a video, but an entire video section.

On the video page there is a description of the lesson, and below are the following videos of this section.

An inclusive yoga studio is really suitable for everyone. It is easy, free and everyone can master this program. But there are also more difficult levels. The site design is simple and clear. There is nothing superfluous, only practical exercises.

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