Training machine for strength training

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Tonal is a small and compact smart studio for home training. This training machine can even replace the human trainer.
Tonal’s fitness machine tracks your movements, actions, position and tempo, after that it can give you personal advice. Otherwise, you train as by your usual on demand classes.

For this training machine you don’t need any additional inventory, it comes already with its own equipment, so you may perform complete strength training. As you will be guided by algorithms, it may be even safer to train with Tonal than train in the gym. It will calculate you muscle power and give you adequate load.

Of course, as you’ll raise your powers, Tonal will give you more high-skilled exercises, so you definitely can’t be stuck with such a system!

Also there are various devices, you can learn about them at Tonal’s website.

Smart devices doesn’t work separately and need to be connected to the main training machine.

To test the training machine before buying it you may visit testing places, there are plenty of them, just find the one near you.

Before buying you can also get the free trial for 30 days, guys from Tonal will visit your house and install everything.

Well, the device itself costs 2,995$. It also includes installment, delivery and guarantee for 3 years.
But you also need smart devices, they cost 495$.

So, the training machine and all equipment costs 3,490$.

You also need to pay for the access to the lessons library, it costs 49$ per month but you need to pay for the whole year, so prepare also 588$ for it.

As a part of the partnership program, Tonal also offers a recovery partner by Therabody, which can help you to recover after the hard workouts.

Tonal also has their own blog about sports and training with their training machine.

In the webstore you can buy sports clothing and Tonal merch.
Tonal was mentioned in such media as: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and some others.

Well, that can I say? Tonal training machine fits very well for strength training and gains its effectiveness, as it uses technologies to track your movements and give you personal advices.

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