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Not only lessons, but also a lot of video-shows about yoga

Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime Yoga Anytime

Yoga Anytime is another yoga studio that has made a name for itself with its shows. In addition to practicing more than 15 types of yoga, this studio offers its students to delve into the knowledge of yoga.

To do this, they have different shows with explanations and explanations of different styles and exercises. And there are even separate shows on the philosophy of yoga. In these shows, you can discover yourself through yoga and learn new things about different postures and their meanings. Shows are built like series: you subscribe to shows, take classes, and more shows come out. They may be divided into seasons.

This studio does not focus on the body, but on your mind. There are various courses to improve your skills. Where yoga poses are interpreted as ways of self-discovery and interaction with the world.

Here you can do yoga just in separate lessons, take yoga courses and various challenges and watch shows.

Additionally, there are courses for training yoga teachers with in-depth study of practices.

Lessons are held in the on demand format.

The studio has applications for all mobile devices. And the Facebook community. As well as accounts on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest.

I have my own yoga blog. And a section with articles by teachers of this studio in various publications.

yoga anytime online classes

The studio offers 15 days of free use. And two subscription options:
month – $18;
year – $144.

Registration begins with standard personal information.

yoga anytime login

After registration and filling in payment data, we get to the video search page. There are filters by level, style, teachers. Separately, it is possible to indicate what we want to focus on and the equipment necessary for practice.

There is also a More tab, where you can find playlists, a blog, a forum.

There is a section for beginners where you can find information about different yoga postures and terms. And in general, learn a lot of information about yoga and its styles.

yoga anytime for beginners

In the Yoga Schools section, you can find different shows from this studio about yoga.

yoga anytime school online

In the Video tab, you can find many interesting sections. It is better to deal with them yourself. Because there are many different ones. I will note the presence of training videos on yoga poses.

Now let’s move on to yoga classes. This is what the video page looks like. Here you can find under the video of the teacher, level, inventory and description of the practice. You can also add videos to a queue or playlist.

There are also comments below the video. And you can see that this video is part of the show Morning Yoga season 1. And you can watch the next video show.

yoga anytime on demand workouts

Yoga Anytime is definitely interesting. Especially their show format and the ability to learn something gradually and follow the plan. She has a good website and app. Suitable for both beginners and advanced. Another plus is the lightweight format. Unlike other training studios, everything is not so strict here.





As for service, it’s a regular online yoga. Good, but the only specific thing here is that the have a lot shows and movies to watch.

The app was good too.

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