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A lot of recorded yoga classes, sometimes streams. Recipes, retreats, community. Support for Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku

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yoga download online workouts

I was looking for online yoga lessons and accidentaly found Yoga Downlod. As for me, if you’ve made the cool design for your project it’s already a half of the success. Well… The visual side isn’t the strongest part of Yoga Download. The site meets us with outdated design, it just screams “it’s 2010 now! It’s  2010 now!”. Theme is boring, main page is overloaded with too many options (articles, teachers, user reviews… Oh, too many pics, too many buttons)… It’s really outdated and when other services show cool background video, neat design, some minimalism, YogaDownload just doesn’t look interesting at all. 

yoga download online video fitness lessons

The other sad thing is the absence of the free trial. Sure, 10 bucks isn’t a big amount of money, but almost any other service on the market has it, so why is there no opportunity to try Yoga Download online lessons for free? And here comes another question, is it even worth the money?

As many are using TV for on demand training, there are not only apps for iOs or Android, but also the opportunity for work with  Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku. I was kinda confused, as if you use smart TV you can get a free trial (15 days) which wasn’t an option for other platforms.

You can choose from more than 2400 on demand lessons which can be sorted by:

– direction

– trainer

– length

– your skill

– intensity

– on which aspect you want to focus

Also you can choose from video, audio or audio with slides.

The speech is always slow, but if you haven’t understand something you can rewind it with a special button. The trainers are filmed from different angles, so you can easily see all aspects of the current exercise. 

yoga download online fitness at home

Well, honestly the service isn’t bad at all, for 10 bucks you get some okayish on demand lessons. But there’s also nothing really interesting, so you wouldn’t miss anything if you’ll choose another service.

Also, funny fact:online workouts by Yoga Download are popular among the people from India, the homeland of Yoga.

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