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Yoga International Yoga International Yoga International Yoga International Yoga International Yoga International Yoga International Yoga International Yoga International Yoga International

Yoga International is an online yoga studio that offers an entire yoga community. In the community you can find new friends and motivation for students of any level – from beginners to yoga teachers.

The site offers more than just yoga classes from world-class teachers. But also articles and courses on yoga for a deeper study of yoga. And for beginners it will be useful to understand.

There is a section with a large number of different articles on many different topics related to yoga. And they can be searched by keywords or filtered and find the set of articles of interest.

Yoga courses here include not only practical exercises to develop qualities or strengthen muscles. But here you can find meditation courses or courses to teach different aspects of yoga.

Live stream classes here are also divided into practical classes, meditations and training seminars.

So, the service has 3 subscriptions. All monthly, differ only in access. .

The basic subscription costs $20 per month, $199 per year.

She has a 30 day trial period. And it includes on demand yoga and meditation classes, articles, podcasts, and any resources. And a 10% discount on selected courses.

Subscription Plus. Costs $49 per month, $490 per year.

There is a trial period of 7 days. This additionally includes live stream classes, a session of questions and answers with a teacher, a lesson with a teacher 1: 1 and a 20% discount on trainings.

Premium Subscription. It costs $89 per month, $890 per year.

Here only the discount for trainings increases – 30%.

To register, click the button to start the free trial period and get to the subscription selection page.

After choosing a plan, registration and filling in payment data, we get to the start page.

And then we have a survey on skills and level in yoga. It can be skipped.

The site interface after registration is no different from the interface before. But now we can watch the lessons.

The video card shows the teacher, level, duration and name of the lesson. And that’s all the information.

Then the video opens in full screen and you can start training.

This site is very interesting because its design is clearly different from all the others and it is very user-friendly. The main advantage is the menu on the left and clear categories. There is nothing superfluous and everything is easy to understand.

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