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Yoga U Online Yoga U Online Yoga U Online Yoga U Online Yoga U Online Yoga U Online Yoga U Online Yoga U Online Yoga U Online

YogaUOnline is not just a studio. This is a portal about yoga. On the home page, you can find various articles, courses, and instructional videos.

Then they have a yoga blog. And there are a lot of different sections about yoga, health, yoga classes at different ages and much more.

Next comes the practice channel. Here you can find short videos from different teachers without registration. And even a few lessons that you can get for free.

But you can still get 1 month of lessons for $0.99, and then $18 per month. And do yoga already full-fledged lessons.

And one more section of “practice”. If in the previous section it was possible to purchase a subscription and watch lessons from different teachers. Then this page is for buying courses and programs from different teachers. Here you can find a yoga program and purchase only it. these programs are laid out by the teachers of this portal themselves and they all cost differently. But there are also free programs.

But registration is required to gain access to any program.

And the last section of this site is the search for a teacher. This page allows you to find your teacher and study with him individually. Teachers are verified by the portal itself.

To register here is a fairly simple form. A button to go to it is in the upper right corner of the site.

When registering, the service does not ask you to enter payment data. And provides immediate access to the free course.

Additionally, My Dashboard appeared in my personal account. All my courses and classes on this site will be displayed here.

To take a course, you just need to find it and click Enroll Now.

And such page with a basket opens. And here we need payment data. Next, the site will ask you to enter payment information. He will not write off anything from the card. But leave the data for the future. And after that you can find this course on the dashboard.

This is a very interesting and useful resource for anyone interested in yoga. Here you can learn yoga or upgrade your existing skills. And a huge plus is an extensive blog with information about yoga and health.







+ a lot of articles, low pricing, classes for seniors, trainers speak slow and you don’t need to rewind the videos
– boring design

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