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Yoga with Adriene Yoga with Adriene Yoga with Adriene Yoga with Adriene Yoga with Adriene Yoga with Adriene Yoga with Adriene Yoga with Adriene Yoga with Adriene Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is a service for yoga programs that are suitable for beginners who do not have good physical fitness, and who want to work out at a slow pace, in a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and peace. Poses for performing are offered very simple, accessible to everyone. The service offers various courses to the client, such as “30 days of yoga download collection”, free video lessons on a video hosting called Youtube, and free calendars with scheduled goals for each day to improve the well-being of the client. Any paid course provided by the service can be purchased by registering your account on the service and attaching a bank card for online payment.
In addition, this service presents the project “Find what feels good”, which has about 900 videos, including yoga and meditation for all levels, which works on any device, be it a phone or a computer.

Classes on the Youtube platform last an average of 25-30 minutes. At the beginning of yoga lesson, Adriene communicates a little with her viewers, after which she proceeds to breathing exercises to calm her mind.

All the exercises performed are quite simple and they take only 15 minutes of the complex. As a result, the client receives a light warm-up performed at a slow pace.

Despite the simplicity and the small number of asanas offered for performing, they are quite enough to improve your flexibility, stretching, and strengthen your muscles a little.

In addition to the complexes, on the service, the client can find training videos on how to learn how to perform a particular yoga pose. For example, how to learn to do the Camel pose – Ustrasana.
yoga with adriene on demand

There are also several types of free training:
• Foundations of yoga
• Vinyasa
• Yoga for losing weighth
• 30 days of yoga

In addition to these trainings, the client can also purchase such paid courses as:
• Pre-natal courses
• Empower
• LIGHT: 7-Day Chakra Ride
• Rise
• Reboot

yoga with adriene fitness

The prices vary from 19.99$ (Reboot) to 49.99$ (others except pre-natal course which costs 29.99$).

For classes on the “Find what feels good” platform, the client must purchase one of two subscription options:
• 12.99$ per month
• 129.99$ per month

In both cases you’ll get the 7-day free trial.

For a series of “30 days of yoga” the client can pay as much as he decides. All courses in this series have a download option.

yoga with adriene classes fitness
1. The client needs to visit the official website .
2. Next, you need to go to the “Courses” tab and select the course the client needs, having read the description of each of them.
3. It is necessary to leave contact information and provide information about the bank card with which the client plans to pay for the courses.

Or if you like to train through “Find what feels good” platform:
1. On the official website, select the “FWFD” tab.
2. Register an account
3. Attach a card for payment and choose one of two subscription options

The design of the site is designed so that each client and site visitor will quickly and easily find the necessary information. There are 8 tabs in total on the site:
• Main information
• Courses
• Calendar
• Blog
• Free yoga videos
• Search
• Kula Community (Free private space for the Yoga with Adriene – Find What Feels Good community. This is a place to connect with others about yoga and the FWFG lifestyle.)
• Find What Feels Good
yoga with adriene fitness mobile app

The client has the opportunity to watch an unlimited number of times free training videos on Youtube video hosting, or buy a course and download it to your device. Classes on the Youtube platform last an average of 25-30 minutes. The client, in parallel with the trainer, performs simple exercises, thereby enjoying the process of yoga and meditation. A light, pleasant interior against the background of each video workout calms, creates a balanced mood when watching.

Workouts on the “Find What Feels Good” platform are also saved in video format. The client chooses a video from the category he likes and starts training with a trainer without leaving home.

Also, the client has the opportunity to choose video workouts by teachers who shoot video workouts for various types of yoga and meditation.

The app has an eye-catching design. There are 5 tabs in total:
• Home page
• Video workout
• Search
• Calendar
• My library

All videos are divided into categories and scattered across different subpages. The application contains only the most important information, everything is quite clear.

Customers can also be pleased with the availability of recipes for healthy food and drinks.

I can call this service one of the most accessible, since the client can view workouts not only in the application, but also on Youtube video hosting. There are also different price categories, which makes the service even more affordable. I think you will like Adriene and her yoga methods.



At first I’ve seen some Adriene’s videos on youtube and absolutey loved them! Then I’ve bought a subscription and I still use this app! Everything’s fine but sometimes I met some problems with chromecast tv connection and some crashes (not often).


The app is nice, I think. Good yoga workouts on every day, use it for a couple of years. It’s easy to use and yo can even stream it on your TV via chromecast!

Once I’ve met a problem with logging into the app after the update and sometimes the app doesn’t show my subscription, but otherwise it works fine. I think Adriene’s program worth its money.

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