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Vinyasa, Yin, Iyengar, Pilates Mat with best yoga teachers

YogaWorks At Home YogaWorks At Home YogaWorks At Home YogaWorks At Home YogaWorks At Home

yogaworks at home yoga fitness workouts

YogaWorks offers at home yoga and fitness classes. The workouts are available in on demand and live stream formats. The service offers a wide variety of online classes in diffrent directions, like pilates, vinyasa, yin, strength training, cardio workouts, meditation.

If you like to try YogaWorks, you can train for free for 14 days. After the end of the free trial, you can pay for workouts $49 per month. In this case you will get the access to more than 1300 on demand classes and 30+ daily live stream yoga workouts. Online lessons are held by the professional trainers. If you’re interested in on demand yoga lessons only, you can pay $19 per month.

yogaworks at home yoga fitness classes vinyasa pilates

Honestly I must say that I didn’t like the design. Yeah, it isn’t terrible, it isn’t outdated but a lil’ bit, hm, cheap? I mean, it’s minimalistic, it has some cool ideas (like those color figures for different directions), but the realisation isn’t that great. Also I think that it’s stupid, that you can’t do anything with the subscription bar, you can’t just close it.

But what’s with the videos? Are they worth their price? Well, let’s find out.


yogaworks at home on demand video workout yoga fitness

Honestly, I didin’t like it too much. First of all, why do we need two students in one lesson? I prefer the videos were one trainer and one student are filmed. It’s much harder to pay attention to the movements of thre people and to speach at the same time. Also for me the distance between camera and students is too large, it’s hard to see the small details and in yoga small details can be quite important!

As for the voices of trainers and their style of teaching… Well, it’s just ok. Nothing really special and as for me their talks are too quiet soemtimes.

yogaworks at home reviews yoga classes fitness

Also, I think it’s a cool feature that you can comment the video and read other people opinions on it. Not all of them are informative, but sometimes it helps.

So, what can I say about YogaWors at home and their yoga and fitness classes? They aren’t bad, but for me there was nothing special, no real selling point which can attract my attention. So I think that there are better alternatives around.

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