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Yoga classes from the famous trainer Ally Hamilton

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Yogis Anonymous is an online classical yoga studio with several new directions founded by Ally Hamilton. Ally Hamilton is a renowned yoga teacher with many years of experience. She and her coaches teach at the studio. Ally also has 2 books about yoga. They can be bought through Amazon, this is indicated on the website in the Shop section.

Yogis Anonymous online yoga Ally Hamilton

The studio has been repeatedly noted in various publications. Among them are Goop, LA YOGA, shape, WSJ, Vogue, The New York Times, CNN.

On the studio website you can find all types of yoga and even several new categories. Among non-classical yoga:
Yoga Barre;
Mat Pilates;
Gentle Yoga;
Yoga For Athletes;

In addition to the usual lessons, in which teachers show poses and perform breathing practices the site has a separate section with training. There are videos for teaching all the poses and techniques that are used in the lessons on the site. Each video is one pose. And the teacher explains in detail how to perform this pose.

Yogis Anonymous online yoga for women

There is also a blog from the coaches and Ally Hamilton herself. There you can read different stories from her. It is kept in the format of a personal blog and, of course, there is information about yoga. Because Ally dedicated all her life to yoga.

You can communicate with other students and share experiences in the comments under the videos on the site. And in the foot on the site you can find links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Classes in the studio are conducted on demand by subscription. But 1:1 classes with Ally Hamilton are held in a live format.

A subscription to the studio for access to lessons costs $15 per month.
6 months subscription costs $80 and a year subscription costs $150.

There is a free period of 15 days.

You can also sign up for a free weekly yoga newsletter that includes various
articles and even yoga lessons.

And you can work out with Ally Hamilton herself. The cost of 1 lesson is $150. You can buy 5 classes at once for $500.

We begin registration on the site. And after filling in the name, surname, e-mail and password of the account, the choice of subscription comes out. Please note that the free period is only possible when choosing a monthly subscription.

Yogis Anonymous online yoga prices

After registration, you will have an empty account. Not even recommendations. But here you can choose your lessons according to the courses. The courses are divided according to different targets.

There’s a possibility to choose your classes by the type of yoga:

Yogis Anonymous online yoga workouts

After the choice of style or program you will be taken to a page with a brief description of the program or style and at the bottom there will be a set of lessons.

After that, choose a lesson and watch the video. And if it suddenly turns out that you are not familiar with this type of yoga or something in the poses is not clear to you, there are Key poses to the right of the video. Each button can be clicked and it will lead you to a training video for exactly the specified position.

Under the video lesson there is a description of the lesson and comments for the opportunity to communicate with other students.

Yogis Anonymous online yoga on demand

Yogis Anonymous is suitable for anyone who wants to thoroughly study yoga online and join its community. The studio has a Facebook group, Twitter and Instagram account. There you can find accomplices and new information. This studio will be the best start for beginners as it provides fundamental information about yoga.

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