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Zenia is an online platform for people into yoga and fitness. The main feature is Zenia fitness app, which will track your movements during the workout and give advice. You can train at home, but of course you need some space in your room and sports clothes. There are three different mods in Zenia, let’s look at them. 

You can train with Zenia AI’s instructions. You can explore Zenia’s collection of classes, follow the instructions of AI’s voice and if you need to correct your performance, Zenia will tel you about it.

Then you can get access to Interactive on-demand classes with yoga teachers. I think that if you’ve tried online yoga or fitness once, you know this format very well. It’s almost like your regular on demand videos, but fully interactive. During the workout you’ll be receiving real-time feedback, stats and tips from the AI-instructors, so it would be easy to improve your posture.

There are also live sessions, which also are more or less known among the yoga enthusiasts. You join people from all over the world, then connect to the session and the teacher will tell you what to do and what you need to improve. I liked that the teacher wouldn’t see your face, only silhouette but even that can be disabled, in this case you will get the recommendations by Zenia’s AI only.

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Also, pay notice that in Zenia work trainers from all over the world.

Choose the mode you like the most, then you need to let the app access the camera of your phone settings, then you just need to place the phone on the floor 2.5m away from you. The screen would show your body and 16 key joints of it. If they are green you’re doing everything right, if they are red, you need to correct your posture. That’s how Zenia app works, and it realy makes you fitness and yoga better! The idea is quite simple, but it works very well!


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